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Branding brings recognition and visual appeal to who you are. Your brand consists of your logo, colours, fonts, imagery, digital elements; all of which are used for your online and print presence.

Print Design

Print Design is your brand is brought to your customers in a printed promotional version such as a book, brochure, magazine, flyer, business card, poster, sticker, promo items or signage.

Web Design

Web Design is an essential part of raising your business profile to a global audience. We believe your site should be engaging, expressing who you are while attracting potential customers.


We assure the use of high-quality printing materials and inks for your personal and business print jobs. We employ sustainable practices as much as possible to protect the environment.


Are you looking for an original custom designed artwork? Bespoke illustration brings a touch of something individual. Why not express your brand or promotional ideas with some striking digital graphics.


Signage informs customers to where you are and what you offer while been designed to reflect your brand. Get noticed with a professionally designed sign using material and a finish that suits your message.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

All great businesses start with lots of ideas. And existing businesses you will have new ideas for new ventures. Your ideas maybe about how your business looks, feels and speaks to your customers.

But, how do you know which idea will work for your business? We at DarkLab Creative Design will work with you and your ideas to define, reflect and communicate your goals. We are here to help you discover the best advertising design to fit your ideas.

In this step, we take your refined idea and give it a real-life visual presence.

This step is a process. We believe it is key to take the time to get it right. In this step, we present you with variations of your idea. Depending on what is needed your idea may include images, fonts, colours, text or graphics. Let us create for you.

This is the final step where your idea is brought into the real world.

Final designs will be professionally created, meet your idea criteria and carry your ideas’ message clearly. Over time with correct use of your brand elements your customers will recognize your brand instantly. Happy days all round.

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Build Your Brand Online

A big part of building your brand is to establish or grow your identity online. Having an online presence allows your customers to interact directly, learn more about what you do and use your services from anywhere in the world.

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring your websites are responsive across all devices so, they look, feel and function beautifully.

Web Hosting

Hosting your website with us ensures you don’t need to do anything. We assure you it is safe, secure and reliable.

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